Good communication is the key to success

Claude Schwesig’s presentations will lead your business to success, whether you are in the service, retail, manufacturing, construction, or eCommerce industries – whether it’s for-profit or nonprofit. His targeted knowledge will bolster communications within your organization, along with servicing your customers to greater satisfaction. He will show you how to achieve your goals and transform your organization – and your life.

Claude is available as a keynote speaker, for motivational seminars, corporate education sessions, and half- or full-day workshops, which will have a profound effect on you and your business.

Claude is a natural communicator, filled with energy, inspiration, and empathy towards everyone. His success as a businessman, personal advisor, and certified public accountant, coupled with boundless enthusiasm and unwavering optimism, lift his presentations beyond mere speeches so they become experiences.

Claude incorporates a pragmatic perspective with a unique use of examples and analogies to make every presentation special and relevant – a common sense style brimming with substance, enhanced with humor, and delivered with compassion and conviction.

Success through Communications